Lessons To Learn From An Airbnb Host Making £11k Per Year

What started as an interest led to a full income stream for one anonymous Airbnb host in London. So, what can every host learn from him – from Airbnb’s regulations to key exchange, management software and more?

We are sharing the tips and tricks.

  1. Travel, travel and travel – If you want to earn big on Airbnb, you should also use it for travelling. Learn by other people’s mistakes, your problems and their opportunities. See an improvement in every listing you visit – and learn to feel every listing in the right way while giving the same feeling through yours.
  2. Use Key Exchange – The Airbnb key exchange services in London are extremely useful, as this host says – because they spare you the time and organization to make it to your apartment and meet-and-greet people. You can also consider airport pickup as a service to offer – and hire a professional Airbnb management team in London that handles it all.
  3. Be Consistent – Having the Airbnb app on your mobile will definitely help you to be more consistent and quick when it comes to messages and bookings. If you don’t have the time to, just leave it all to an Airbnb management software and be worry-free of missing a message.
  4. Know how things go – Why is an Airbnb management company the right team to talk to and eventually hire? Because they understand business, do it well and take their part. And when it comes to understanding business, we mean everything from A to Z including insurance policies, safety and management.
  5. Tackle every season – There are many tips and tricks to get the most of every season, whether it’s high or low. Promotions within the headline, discounts for groups of people and descriptive listings are definitely one of the methods you should incorporate.

So, how to run a stable business out of your Airbnb listing?

The best answer is to outsource the things you are not capable of doing by hiring an Airbnb management team or service, and focus on your space as a priority.