5 Great Ways to Handle Key Exchanges

We’ve all been there – worried about how a traveller will find your listing and enter in it if you are not there. And while it is an imperative of every Airbnb host to meet the guests and hand them the keys, there are a variety of ways you can handle Airbnb key exchange in London:

  1. Meet And Greet – You can always meet and greet guests personally, although it can be a lot time-consuming if your listing is distant from where you live. Anyways, meeting and greeting will result in every issue by your guest being addressed properly.
  2. Lock Box – Getting a lock box and placing it in a discreet place is a great way to handle key exchange with Airbnb. With a 4 digit password send in the Inbox, your guests can open it and receive the keys. However, this method does not guarantee complete safety.
  3. Have A Cleaner Do It – If you hire a professional Airbnb cleaning company in London to prepare your apartment before new guests come in, it is always a good idea to leave the keys to them so they meet and greet the guests. However, given the delays in flights and uncertain arrival times, this may be a daunting task.
  4. Mail Them The Keys – You can always send keys to your guests via post office – which eliminates having to be present during your guests’ arrival and leaves you without any worries at all.
  5. Hire A Professional Airbnb Management Company – When hiring a professional Airbnb management team, you are investing in the best way of dealing with guests. Airbnb management teams are popular nowadays – and probably the best way to handle Airbnb key exchange in London.

Undoubtedly, the best way to deal with Airbnb key exchange in London is to be present at your apartment. However, with our life and work duties, only a few of us can be present, which is why again – an Airbnb management service with a team in London, UK is by far the best solution for dealing with key exchange.