Airbnb to enforce 90-day limit on London hosts

Airbnb emailed all London hosts today informing them about the action in 2017 to enforce the 90-day legal limit set by the government.

Anyone who wants the rent out their whole property for more than 90-day on Airbnb will need to provide council permission evidence. After 90 days Airbnb automated system will automatically remove entire home listing from its search results.

This will only apply to entire home listing in the Greater London area and room rental will unaffected.

Airbnb are to provide all customers with a counter of how many days they have been booked in a calendar year, which will be refreshed at the start of the new year. Once you reach your limit you’ll only appear in search results for the follow year.

Call are now for other short term letting services to follow their example to enforce the 90-dyas per year rule.

For more information, visit Airbnb or check the government legislation.