How To Survive The Low Season On Airbnb

The sharing economy has been a huge trend everywhere around the world – with Airbnb as its pioneer. However, similar to the hotel industry, there are highs and lows on Airbnb as well. While in general the low season is from late November to early March, it may depend on your country or region.

So, how do successful Airbnb hosts deal with low seasons?

  1. Extremely Low Prices – You should lower your pricing nightly, weekly and monthly by around 25% if you want to expect some activity during a low season. While it may be a drop in your income, it will help you pay your monthly expenses and build trust with the reviews. Plus, you may get satisfied returning visitors.
  2. Update Your Listings Daily – Did you know that Airbnb favors the listings which are updated on a frequent basis? Yes – the management service team Airbnb is ready to reward you for your activity and eagerness to put in the work – which is why we recommend updating your listings daily.
  3. Spreading The Word – Forums, discussion boards – but also word-of-mouth are all effective methods to spread the word and get some guests. You can even use some social media and promote your seasonal discounts – however be aware of the legality of your short-term rental and your exposure.
  4. List With Other ServicesVRBO, Flipkey, Homeaway – all of these are some powerful alternatives to Airbnb, and if you want guest activity during a low season, maybe it’s time to consider them all. However, keep a note that these services offer full home rentals rather than rooms, so if you have a spare room – keep it for Airbnb only.
  5. Respond Fast – Your activity can tell a lot about the listing, and if you have the Airbnb App installed – you can be fast as a lighting and respond in real-time, which is a key aspect of being an Airbnb host.

In the end, if you feel like you are not able to get through the season or on the other hand have a fully booked one – you can always rely to the professional Airbnb management services, software and teams in London (or anywhere you are located).