Room Basics Tips From The $41k Earning Airbnb Superstar Host

Kelly Kampen is one of the very few Airbnb hosts who have earned over $40k in revenue from travelers. Certainly, this is a great indicator of a superstar host and a travelers’ magnet. So, do you want to be like Kelly?

As he says in his post on Medium, Kelly was just like you at one point – skeptical but intrigued to enter Airbnb. Luckily, it brought a lot of knowledge to him and as soon as he figured it out, he was making a fortune.

Decorating the room is a struggling task for many Airbnb hosts. Fortunately, Kelly is here to share some of the best tips related to it:

  1. Photos – The iPhone photos worked well in the beginning for Kelly, however after a while – it was time for him to consider the Airbnb professional photographers and make the bold move needed in that phase.
  2. Cleanliness – As an imperative of basically every space, Airbnb’s standards require utmost cleanliness. For Kelly, they turned to hotel standards – and he started viewing hygiene as a priority – cleaning the rooms every day even if a guest is there.
  3. Welcoming Guests – Meeting every guest can be a struggle – simply because life happens. However, if you don’t get a chance to meet your guests, you could always hire a professional Airbnb key exchange service for your room or apartment.
  4. Pricing – Airbnb is great in suggesting you similar listings to yours, from which you have to figure out your price per night. If you are just starting, Kelly recommends to cut the price in half and wait for the first five bookings before scaling it.
  5. Comforts – A soft drink, water and cookies won’t cost you at all – but can create a big difference to the impression of your guests. Tea and coffee are also a must according to Kelly, as well as small bottles of shampoo and conditioner and a hair dryer.

Make sure you prepare your space to the very best with these tips. And if you experience problems with any of these things, you can always turn to help and contact an Airbnb services to help you with your organization.