Safety Tips for Airbnb Hosts

If you are a host on Airbnb, you should always keep abreast of safety as the main concern for your property and yourself. So, what can you do to ensure maximum safety on Airbnb as a host?

Here are some tips:

1. Always read profiles and reviews of your potential guests

Whenever a new booking kicks in, you should always check the person who is your potential guest. Look for their verified numbers, connected social media networks and references, as well as reviews and be assured that Airbnb has verified their identity.

2. Communicate Through Airbnb

Always communicate and pay through Airbnb. Only by doing this you and your place are fully protected. If you don’t feel right about a guest with a strange offer or request, always trust your intuition and don’t accept it!

3. Set reservation requirements for every guest

You can now easily require guests to complete verifications before their booking, verifying their identity and providing more information.

4. Complete Your House Rules Manual

If you take the time and fill out your house rules and manual, you will establish certain organization when it comes to your facility – and let everyone know where smoking is allowed, what are the off-limits, at which hours music is allowed etc.

5. Add a security deposit and an insurance plan

Whether it’s a broken plug or other unfortunate event, you can always add security deposits which will protect you in such times. Aside from that, you should add a homeowner’s insurance plan outside Airbnb and have an extra layer of protection.

There are many things you can do as a host on Airbnb to fully protect yourself. However, if you are not sure about anything and want to rely to professionals, you can always choose our Airbnb management services in London, UK and be worry free of any unfortunate event.