Top 5 Tools Airbnb hosts Should Have In 2016

If you want to maximize your Airbnb host efficiency in 2016, it’s time for some action. Being a better host is important more than ever – and you could lead the way to a successful business from your apartment.

Of course, having the right tools and the proper Airbnb management team for every aspect of your listing can help you a lot. Today, we are sharing the 5 most beneficial tools to Airbnb hosts:

  1. Key Exchange – If you don’t have the time to meet and greet with guests, you can let this to one of the many professional Airbnb management companies. At an affordable rate, you will have your personal team of meet-and-greeters ready to tackle every wish of a guest. Airbnb key exchange in London is a huge trend now – so consider this as a big opportunity to grow.
  2. Smart Home Products – The Internet of Things (IoT) era is coming, and the future of Airbnb is a smart home, along with a smart management service. What do these systems include?
  3. From monitoring temperature to controlling the climate and lights – practically everything a guest needs nowadays.
  4. A Team For Safety – Safety is definitely a priority when it comes to your listing. The way to ensuring proper safety is speaking with a professional Airbnb management team and get the information you need, including insurance and solutions you can install – and ensure maximum safety.
  5. Cleaning Service – The Airbnb cleaning services are no longer a mystery. Not every host has the time or right skills to clean a room at its finest – which is where the Airbnb management teams kick in once again – and ensure that your listing in London, New York or Milan is operated within the highest standards.
  6. Software – Responding to messages, checking in with clients, optimizing your listing….can all be daunting tasks. If you don’t have the time for them, you can always rely to some of the professional Airbnb management software solutions. Beyond pricing is one of our favourite tools.

Let your worries behind – and enjoy managing your Airbnb listing unlike ever before!