Top Tips for Getting Stellar Airbnb Reviews

Reviews are the foundation of the entire service industry, especially now with the advancement of technology, where every online review matters. And when it comes to Airbnb, there is no any difference – every host wants the best reviews, but do they know how to get them?

The power of guest feedback on Airbnb is big nowadays. With a lot of competition, a potential guest could easily swap you for another host. You don’t want that, right?

So, how do you get 5 star reviews on Airbnb? Practice what we preach:

  1. Be responsive and talk to your guests before their arrival – You can prepare a helpful information guide that you will send to every new guest – including information about your apartment, neighborhood and city. Also, including detailed directions can be handy to travelers, as the last thing they want is getting lost in your area.
  2. Contact your guests after the first night – Make sure you contact your guests after they spend the first night at your place. See if something is missing or are there any problems. This is what defines a 5 stars host on Airbnb and what leads you to long-term success (and repetitive visits!).
  3. Create An Accurate Description – If your place is small, you can go with ‘A small & cozy art apartment in London’. Accuracy is important on Airbnb, and your description is the right medium towards achieving that.
  4. Ask Your Guests For A Review – Many guests forget to leave a review, which is why you should gently ask upon their leave. Obviously, you should try and make this comfortable to them and not be pushy – but ask questions and possible improvements prior to their leave.
  5. Leave A Great Review For Your Guests – Every guest wants to know you as a super-welcoming host, which is why you should be unique and positive with your reviews. Only with this you can expect the same approach from your guests.

In the event that you think of yourself as a bad host or someone that ‘does not understand’ these things, you can always consider an Airbnb management company for your space – and ensure the best way to communicate, welcome and check in with guests with a professional Airbnb team of hosts.